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    Knowledge about wigs

    Mar 25, 2022

    In the wig industry, wigs can be basically divided into Human Hair, Animal Hair and Synthetic Hair according to different production materials.

    If it is pure human hair, the price is very expensive, even hundreds of dollars,Therefore, in the wig market, the most commonly used material is Synthetic Hair

    And Synthetic Hair includes High Temperature Fiber and Low Temperature Fiber

    Low Temperature Fiber:  It is easy to deform, difficult to take care of, not resistant to high temperature, and cannot be used for perming and curling. It is a flammable item

    High Temperature Fiber :High temperature resistance, theoretically no more than 180 ℃, will not be deformed, and the setting effect is good. Under the condition of temperature control, it can be straightened, permed, curly, smooth and soft, easy to maintain and save, lifelike

    The inner net used in the wig is divided into Front lace elastic inner net and Rose net

    Front lace elastic inner net
    Rose net
    service life
    6-8 months
    3-5 months
    Half-mechanism, half-hand woven
    hair density
    150 130
    $30-$100 $10-$60
    Product advantages
    Partly hand braided, hair can be split freely, more realistic and natural, smooth and soft, and more resistant to wear, more breathable, and lasts longer.
    There are many styles, mature craftsmanship, moderate price and medium quality
    Product disadvantage
    The price is higher than other products, the craftsmanship is meticulous, and the hand-stitched output is low
    It is a fully mechanized wig, and its wear resistance, breathability, and longevity are not as good as "front lace wig"

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